Victorious conclusion of the War of Independence and then after the proclamation of the Republic, the State started to make policies to get on with economic development and to relieve the society who won this historic victory worth their wealth and blood for. Correspondingly, the activities of chamber of commerces came into prominence. The roles of chambers were improved and their authorities were extended. Commercial trends of the country, export-import monitoring were included in the duties of Chambers. Accordingly, in 1926, a chamber of commerce were founded in Kahramanmaraş. Maraş Chamber of Commerce, reorganized the artisan organizations by that time, in accordance with the Trades Register Regulation. It was told to guild that all the problems they faced in their sectors, will be challenged as Chamber’s own problems and it is the Chamber’s only concern.

After familisation of small and large tradesman and industrialists , Kahramanmaraş Chamber of Commerce and Industry began to keep statistics which is its the most important duty, determined the import figure and analyzed the reasons behind the disregarded industry. Meanwhile, it was found appropriate that the chamber to move to a separate and a large building, which used to continue its activities in a room of the town hall. Since then, chamber delegation, has set up a target of a more comprehensive approach on a larger scale. The Chamber has spread an effort to improve the leather trade, textile industry, furniture business, saddlery, and forging.